Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Favorites

Though not originally planned whatsoever, this week's Wednesday favorites happen to be completely centered around food. Fall and and its foodie goodness will do that to you. And let's be honest: Who doesn't love both looking at and eating gorgeous food?

Enjoy and Happy Wednesday, friends!

This Irish yogurt with homemade blackberry jam looks so good. 

Speaking of fabulous Irish dairy products, I have been obsessed with this Irish cheese for months and still am. Pair the Dubliner cheese with this wine, and your taste buds will be singing with absolute delight.

Was talking recently with a friend about the variance in breakfast foods between cultures. This New York Times article on what children around the world eat for breakfast is very fascinating. 

This butternut squash-kale tart looks so delicious, I can't stand it. What a perfect autumn dinner or brunch entree.

Good to know these champagne basics and recommendations. 

No. Words. For this chocolate-y, bread-y goodness!

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