Saturday, July 18, 2015

Purity, Anyone?

 *Discretion: This piece is my mental stream of consciousness regarding society at large, not a condemnation of individual people.

Some days I am deeply saddened by the fact that men and women of purity have become an endangered species in our society today.

Today is one of those saddened and frustrated days. I really don’t even know where to begin, so I am just going to jump right in. 

What is going on, society?


What is going on?

I see previews for new “romantic” comedies in theaters like this one; I turn on the television to any current show; I turn on the radio and quickly flip from one station to another, my ears burning. Needless to say, I’m honestly revolted by what I see and hear. I’m truly saddened by what is considered normal and acceptable in our society today. I do not believe that what is being put on display is the best of what life can be.

It is certainly all ordinary, and absolutely not extraordinary.

It is a very muddy, very false reality of the beautiful lives and purposes that we’ve been called to live. It is not the abundant and deeply fulled life that Jesus offers. Sadly, many people do not understand or know the difference.

We live in a world today where wrong is right and right is wrong. Where physical pleasure and self-satisfaction is celebrated over anything and everything else. When it comes to sexuality, we have no regard for the sacred; no respect for the holy. We have no regard that we are allowing another person to physically enter into our body. We are laid bare and completely exposed and yet it is recreation with whomever, whenever? For me, this just does not compute.

What ever happened to modesty of body and heart? What ever happened to sex being meant as an act of love and intimacy between a husband and wife? An act of total commitment, devotion, and self-sacrificial service for your spouse and only your spouse? Sex not only being symbolic, but a physical reality that you and your spouse have now become one flesh (literally).

Two separate lives have now become one. To me this is not old fashioned; it is simply wise living. And it needs to be celebrated.

All I see is celebration for anything and everything but this.

Society tells (and shows) us today that sex is carnal. It is an animalistic instinct. It is simply about physical pleasure and fun for consenting adults. It needs to be enjoyed as much as possible and in any way possible (and preferably with lots of different partners in order to get the best experiences possible).

What bothers me most about all of this is that the world has taken what God has meant as sacred, holy, and beautiful and made it common, inconsequential, and average. This is not ok.

Love is simply debased to lust.

Devotion is negated for desire.

What’s even worse is that sex is made humorous and put on public display and discussion.

Sex is a gift from God. It is more than just a physical action. It is a holy union of the sacred and the physical, the tangible and the spiritual, a connection of body, heart, and spirit. It is does not take place without strings attached when you are literally receiving physical parts and pieces of another person's body into your own. It involves the mind, body, and spirit (not just your own, but your partner’s also). It is meant to be treasured and enjoyed in the healthy and safe context of a life-long commitment and covenant.

Sex is designed to be protected, private, and sacred in the context of your own marriage. It is literally a life-creating miracle. The world may try to tell you that it is simply a pleasure inducing physical action, but in reality is so much more grand. It is divinely designed and is incredibly special and noble. I’m sick of the world debasing, demoralizing, and making average what God has called special, beautiful, and holy when done the best way (His way).

I believe that it does not get more romantic and extraordinary than knowing that you and your spouse are each other’s one and only; that physical intimacy is an amazing experience that only the two of you have shared together and will ever share together. Knowing that you both endured many lonely nights because you loved each other enough in advance to wait. 

That’s romantic.

 For those who haven't waited in the past, but are making the choice to wait now.

That’s romantic. 

For those who are married and faithfully keep their vows, delight in their husband or wife, and faithfully uphold and cherish the integrity and dignity of their spouse.
That’s romantic.

Not a one night stand. Not a wild weekend. Not an ongoing fling.

Marriage. Love. Commitment. Devotion. Sacrifice.

Rhianna sings, “Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. Like I’m the only one that you’ve ever loved. Like I’m the only one who knows your heart”. This does not have to be an abnormal pipedream in a techno song; this should be normal. This one and only love should be the reality. I encourage you today and say that it can be your reality. 

Why settle for anything less? You are worth it. Do not let society tell you that aren’t. Someone has to say it.

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