Monday, September 22, 2014

Spotlight: Pannikin Coffee and Tea

Pannikin Coffee and Tea in Encinitas, California is hands down one of my favorite coffee shops.

With the richest, earthy coffee, endless espresso combinations and possibilities, in addition to more loose leaf tea options than I can count, there truly is something for everyone at this once-upon-a-time Santa Fe railway station turned coffee house.

A friend introduced me to Pannikin over 8 years ago on a warm and vibrant Sunday morning and I have been a fan ever since. This local household name is a beloved favorite of San Diego natives and is an excellent pit stop for visitors driving up and down Coast Highway 101. 

The charming interior provides much for the eye's delight. Coffee and teas are sold in bulk, along with lovely espresso & coffee cups and seasonal gifts. 

The interior includes a large open air upstairs balcony that features eclectic furniture and paintings on the walls. Outdoor seating (which often can be enjoyed year round thanks to the best weather in the country) includes a wrap around second story balcony and a street level patio equipped with plenty of sun shading umbrellas. Lounging wooden lawn chairs are also available in the front grassy entrance making for a familial, backyard gathering type of experience.

In addition to their extensive coffee and tea offerings, they have the best homemade pastry and desert varieties that I have ever seen at an American coffee shop (my favorite go-to is their raspberry muffin which has a dark bran texture and is not overly sweet by any means). The pictures shown below are only about half of the offerings (delicious gluten free muffins are available too) . Breakfast and lunch offerings are also available for those craving more than a sweet-ish to sweetest treat.

During a recent trip to Pannikin back in August, I was delighted to this lovely sign greeting me outside the door:

Espresso. Sweetened condensed milk. Over ice. Yes, please!

I had never tried Vietnamese iced coffee before and I am sorry that I had not tried it sooner. One sip of this iced coffee and I suddenly realized what I have been missing. It was so incredibly delicious! It was so rich, smooth, and perfectly sweetened (I asked the barista to use half the amount of sweetened condensed milk because I do not like my drinks overly sweet). It was the definition of perfection. A compelling and noteworthy companion for that hot August day. 

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Left) and Regular Latte (Right)
 Whether you are a local to San Diego or are visiting in the future, I hope that you can enjoy the offerings and ambiance of Pannkin soon. Until then...

How about you? What is one of your favorite coffee shops? I am always looking for great new places to try whether throughout Southern California or other places that I visit. I'd love to hear from you!

*The views expressed in this post are entirely my own and are given on my own volition. I am in no way affiliated with Pannikin Coffee and Tea--just a fan.

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